About our Program

This Crime Stoppers Program began in 1986 in Morris County and not one person’s identity has ever been compromised. If you feel uncomfortable about reporting a crime, now you have methods where no one will ask your name or want to know who you are. Our new methods of reporting crime or threats includes an anonymous phone application and a website submission form. These new methods meet the same privacy criteria that we have been using for over 30 years.

Who is Involved...

John Sette      Chairman
Undersheriff Alan Robinson      Law Enforcement Liason
Dr. Phillip Santiago      Vice Chairman Commissioner
Jill Blake      Secretary Commissioner
Bob Ackerman      Commissioner
Douglas Bell      Commissioner
Anthony Bucco      Commissioner
Sal Campo      Commissioner
John Centanni      Commissioner
Robert Cuozzo      Commissioner
Barbara Dawson      Commissioner
George Dredden III      Commissioner
Pat Frederiks      Commissioner
Peter Gilpatric      Commissioner
Desmond Lloyd Sr.      Commissioner
Michael Luciano      Commissioner
Khaled Madin      Commissioner
Marc Marowitz      Commissioner
Adam Perna      Commissioner
Ronald Regen      Commissioner
David Rubin      Commissioner
John Sette Jr.      Commissioner
William Strauss      Commissioner
Bill Wilkins      Commissioner
Sidney Williams      Commissioner
Christopher Zipp      Commissioner
Bradley Zwigard      Commissioner
Marilyn Cioffi      Commissioner
David Rubin      Commissioner


Sheriff James M. Gannon

Chairman John R. Sette